Frequently Asked Questions

This section explains the LLBCO basics – where it came from, why we have developed and adopted a LLBCO, what works are covered, and what it means for property owners in Port Sunlight.

What is a Local Listed Building Consent Order (LLBCO)?

A statutory tool established by the Enterprise and Regulatory Reform Act of 2013 (the Act) that enables local planning authorities to adopt ‘blanket’ Listed Building Consent for specific items of work in a set area.

Why was a LLBCO developed for Port Sunlight?

  • Port Sunlight has a high concentration of Grade II Listed properties in private ownership.
  • Analysis of Listed Building Consent applications for Port Sunlight showed frequent consent applications for the same three classes of work.
  • The majority of enforcement issues in Port Sunlight cover the same classes of work.
  • The strong partnership between the building conservation team at Wirral Council and the Trust, including investment by both organisations, enabled the development of proactive planning tools for Port Sunlight.

What works are included in the Port Sunlight LLBCO?

The following works are included in the LLBCO:

  • Replace inappropriate or severely deteriorated
    • Yard gates
    • Rear doors
    • Rear windows
  • Install or relocate a satellite dish in an appropriate location.

I would like to use the LLBCO. What procedure should I follow?

  • First you’ll need to determine if the works you propose qualify (meet the criteria) for the LLBCO. Contact the Trust’s Conservation Adviser and/or Wirral Council’s Conservation Officer for informal advice.
  • If the works you propose appear to qualify for the LLBCO, then you will need to complete a LLBCO Notice Form and submit it to Wirral Council with all required supporting documents. (See sections below for information regarding required supporting documents.)
  • Once Wirral Council has confirmed receipt of a completed LLBCO Notice Form (including all required supporting documents), then the Council will have 28 calendar days to make a decision regarding the proposed works.
  • You will then receive a notice to proceed and works can commence. Any works carried out prior to receiving notice from the Council are done at your own risk and enforcement action may be taken if the works completed before a Notice decision is made are not found to be appropriate.

What is Listed Building Consent?

Listed Building Consent is formal written permission from a local planning authority to carry out works to alter, extend or demolish a listed building and site or any protected part of that building or site.

What will it cost to submit a LLBCO Notice Form to the Council?

There is no application or filing fee.

What if the works I propose are not covered by the LLBCO?

If works you propose are not covered by the LLBCO (i.e. replacement of front windows or replacement of inappropriate or severely deteriorated rear windows with a window type not specified under the LLBCO), then you must make an application for Full Listed Building Consent.

The LLBCO sounds great, but the works I would like to do are not included. Are there plans to adopt more LLBCOs for Port Sunlight or to amend or expand the existing one?

The LLBCO will be reviewed annually. If the LLBCO proves successful for Port Sunlight and Wirral Council, then the Trust will work with the Council to develop and adopt new LLBCOs to cover additional classes of work.

How do I apply for Listed Building Consent?

Applications for Listed Building Consent are made through the planning department at Wirral
Council. You can complete an application on-line and view guidance documents at The
Council’s Conservation Officer can provide pre-application advice for a fee. The Trust’s
Conservation Adviser is available to provide advice for free, but the final decision to grant consent is with the Council.