Here you will find helpful documents to guide you through the process when applying for consent through the LLBCO.



A brochure written and printed by Port Sunlight Village Trust and Wirral Council, with the support of Historic England, to introduce and explain the Local Listed Building Consent Order to residents. The brochure explains the basic information about the LLBCO and then covers each class of work included in the LLBCO.


Port Sunlight LLBCO

Final text of the Port Sunlight LLBCO, describing the works covered and the conditions required for making alterations to the listed houses of Port Sunlight Village. The LLBCO should be read in conjunction with the appendices (1-7), the Notice Form and guidance document.


Appendix 1: Site Plan

A map showing the properties covered by the LLBCO.

Site Plan

Site Plan Appendix 2: Addresses and Architectural Descriptions

This document includes the addresses for properties covered by the LLBCO and a brief architectural description for each of the properties.

Addresses and Architectural Descriptions

LLBCO Notice Form

The LLBCO Notice Form must be approved by Wirral Council before undertaking works covered by the LLBCO. The form includes basic information about the proposed work and check lists for documents (photographs/drawings) to support your Notice.

LLBCO Notice Form

Guidance to Completing LLBCO Notice Form

A simple, step-by-step guide to completing the LLBCO Notice Form.

Guidance to Completing the LLBCO Notice Form