This list is a compilation of contractors who are interested in doing work in the village. Port Sunlight Village Trust cannot recommend commercial contractors, nor accept responsibility for their employment or their work. Owners and specifiers should obtain positive references from contractors to verify their good workmanship. We recommend that contractors are overseen by a qualified architect or building surveyor. Contractors should follow full, accurate working drawings at an appropriate scale and a detailed specification. Owners may also wish to refer to industry bodies such as the Guild of Master Craftsmen which can provide details of contractors who operate in accordance with their standards. A further source for conservation specialists is the Building Conservation Directory 2014.



Have you worked with one of the contractors on the list? Have you worked with another contractor who might be appropriate for the list? It helps to have feedback and to learn from your experiences. Please send us your confidential feedback through the Contact Us page.

Maintenance Groups

The majority of the properties in Port Sunlight are terrace style or semi-detached houses. Most properties share party walls, chimney stacks, boundary walls and rainwater goods. The facades and roofs of these attached homes are directly connected or tied into one another. In many instances, it can make sense to join with your neighbours (even the Trust if we own one of the adjoining properties) to schedule and complete maintenance and repair works.