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The Port Sunlight Village Trust Conservation Adviser provides support for residents on the maintenance, conservation and adaptation of their listed homes. One of the most exciting aspects of Port Sunlight village is that it is a living, thriving community, and not a collection of house museums. Our objective is to help you live comfortably in a well maintained and conserved heritage property that can be enjoyed for generations to come. As residents and owners, you are the stewards and caretakers for these historically important houses.

In the section below you will find a library of guidance documents on several issues. Although the library is quite limited for now, we hope to regularly add content, so do check back often. Additionally, the Policy and Permissions page has quick answers to residents’ most common questions about heritage policy and consent applications. The guides were written specifically for Port Sunlight houses. If you have any questions about what we have written, queries that are not answered, or want more in depth information on your specific house, then please contact us and we will do our best to help.

Do you have any requests or suggestions for further guidance sheets? Or do you have a maintenance or conservation project that you think would work well as a case study? If so, please contact us.

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Exterior Paint and Finish Schedule

This is a schedule of the approved paint and finish colours for the house exteriors, outbuildings and yard gates of the houses in Port Sunlight Village. Exterior paint and finishes are included as protected features of the houses and are regulated through statutory protection.

Exterior Paint and Finishes Download

Repointing Specification

The technical specification appropriate for repointing or rebuilding brick, stone or terracotta in most Port Sunlight Village houses. The specification includes the appropriate lime mortar mix, tools for removing existing pointing and tools and techniques for pointing the masonry in most houses. Please note that this specification is not appropriate for all houses. The pure lime mortar mix described in the specification may not be appropriate for later village houses, such as those found on Jubilee Crescent or for houses rebuilt after the war. Please contact the Conservation Adviser on 0151 644-4813 to discuss your work.

Repointing Download

Window Repair and Upgrading

Historic England have recently released a new guidance document on the repair and thermal improvement of both wood and metal windows. This is a fantastic new resource for Village residents as it well help with DIY efforts and provides guidance for more complicated tasks to be completed by a contractor. NOT A DOWNLOAD. Please copy and paste the following link to access the article. https://www.historicengland.org.uk/images-books/publications/traditional-windows-care-repair-upgrading/

Windows Download

Exterior Doors

This document includes advice on how to identify deficiencies in exterior doors, basic maintenance and DIY strategies, and a description of more complex work that might be expected from a joiner or trades person contracted to restore an exterior door.

Exterior Doors Download