Using this Site

This web site is for the residents of Port Sunlight village. We hope that you will use it and work with us to improve it. Although the site was launched in September 2014, it is by no means a finished project. Information will be added to the site regularly and we will work dilligently to add content to the Looking and Doing section of the site. Please get in touch if you have questions, comments or suggestions on how to improve the site.

Useful Information

You can view advice sheets on a range of conservation and maintenance issues, ranging from the exterior colour scheme for your house to the types of conservatory addition that may be appropriate. These are listed on the Looking & Doing page. You will also be able to learn about statutory listing, typical works requiring listed buiding consent, the impact of conservation area designation and the heritage impact of the restrictive covenants on the Heritage Policy and Permission page.


The Contractors page will give you lists of contractors who have worked in the Village and/or who have previous experience working on heritage buildings.

Maintenance Groups

Grouping together with other residents to obtain a good price for similar work (i.e. exterior decorating, scaffolding, hiring a skip) can be a worthwhile option. The Maintenance Groups page provides you with the facilities to start or join a group for this purpose.

Contact Us

If you would find it helpful to discuss something in detail with the Conservation Adviser or to get more information about a particular topic, please contact us.